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Keynote Speakers

KTLS18 - Speaker - Marwa Al-Sabouni

Marwa Al-Sabouni

Architect & author

KTLS18 - Speaker - Richard Wilkinson

Richard Wilkinson

Honorary Visiting Professor

University of York

KTLS18 - Speaker - Shirin Ebadi

Shirin Ebadi

Nobel Peace Prize Winner

Nobel Women's Initiative

KTLS18 - Speaker - Susanne Baer

Susanne Baer

Justice of the First Senate

The Federal Constitutional Court, Germany


KTLS18 - Speaker - Ahmad Al Terkawi

Ahmad Al Terkawi

General Manager

Maritime Organisation for Following Up & Rescue

KTLS18 - Speaker - Alessandra Mezzadri

Alessandra Mezzadri

Senior Lecturer

SOAS, University of London

KTLS18 - Speaker - Alex Ruck Keene

Alex Ruck Keene

Barrister & Visiting Lecturer

39 Essex Chambers & King's College London

KTLS18 - Speaker - Alex Vines

Alex Vines

Research Director

Chatham House

KTLS18 - Speaker - Alexandre Kalache

Alexandre Kalache


International Longevity Centre

KTLS18 - Speaker - Alina Averchenkova

Alina Averchenkova

Principal Research Fellow

Grantham Research Institute, London School of Economics

KTLS18 - Speaker - Alison Campbell

Alison Campbell

Team Leader, Modern Slavery|Migration

Department for International Development

KTLS18 - Speaker - András Sajó

András Sajó


Central European University

KTLS18 - Speaker - Andreas Rötzer

Andreas Rötzer


Verlag Matthes & Seitz Berlin

KTLS18 - Speaker - Andrew Crane

Andrew Crane


Centre for Business, Organisations & Society, University of Bath

KTLS18 - Speaker - Anjan Sundaram

Anjan Sundaram

Journalist & Author


KTLS18 - Speaker - Ann Mumford

Ann Mumford

Professor of Taxation Law

King's College London

KTLS18 - Speaker - Anne Roth

Anne Roth

Policy Advisor

German Bundestag

KTLS18 - Speaker - Annie Holmes

Annie Holmes

Writer & Filmmaker

KTLS18 - Speaker - Ariel Ricker

Ariel Ricker

Executive Director

Advocates Abroad

KTLS18 - Speaker - Augustine B Njamnshi

Augustine B Njamnshi

Executive Secretary

Bioresources Development & Conservation Programme Cameroon

KTLS18 - Speaker - Aziza Ahmed

Aziza Ahmed

Professor of Law

Northeastern University

KTLS18 - Speaker - Basharat Peer

Basharat Peer

International Opinion Editor

The New York Times

KTLS18 - Speaker - Ben Bowling

Ben Bowling

Professor of Criminology & Criminal Justice

King's College London

KTLS18 - Speaker - Ben Rawlence

Ben Rawlence


City of Thorns

KTLS18 - Speaker - Bertil Emrah Oder

Bertil Emrah Oder


Koç University Law School

KTLS18 - Speaker - Brian Preston

Brian Preston

Chief Judge

Land & Environment Court of New South Wales

KTLS18 - Speaker - Bridget Anderson

Bridget Anderson

Professor of Mobilities, Migration & Citizenship

University of Bristol

KTLS18 - Speaker - Burcu Karakaş

Burcu Karakaş

Independent Journalist


KTLS18 - Speaker - Calogero Ferrara

Calogero Ferrara


Court of Palermo

KTLS18 - Speaker - Carlos Bernal-Pulido

Carlos Bernal-Pulido


Constitutional Court of Colombia

KTLS18 - Speaker - Catherine Howarth

Catherine Howarth

Chief Executive


KTLS18 - Speaker - Celine Tan

Celine Tan

Associate Professor

University of Warwick

KTLS18 - Speaker - Charlotte Kroll

Charlotte Kroll

Landkreis Darmstadt-Dieburg, Migration und Inklusion

KTLS18 - Speaker - Chris Mottershead

Chris Mottershead

Senior Vice President: Quality, Strategy & Innovation

King's College London

KTLS18 - Speaker - Christian Gelleri

Christian Gelleri

Initiator of the Chiemgauer

KTLS18 - Speaker - Christiana Ochoa

Christiana Ochoa

Associate Dean for Research & Faculty Affairs

Indiana University

KTLS18 - Speaker - Christine Parker

Christine Parker

Professor of Law

University of Melbourne

KTLS18 - Speaker - Cindy Berman

Cindy Berman

Head of Modern Slavery Strategy

Ethical Trading Initiative

KTLS18 - Speaker - Claus Offe

Claus Offe

Professor Emeritus of Political Sociology

Hertie School of Governance

KTLS18 - Speaker - Cormac  Cullinan

Cormac Cullinan


Cullinan & Associates Inc

KTLS18 - Speaker - Dainius Pūras

Dainius Pūras

Professor & UN Special Rapporteur

Vilnius University

KTLS18 - Speaker - Daniel Drache

Daniel Drache

Professor Emeritus

York University, Toronto

KTLS18 - Speaker - Daniel Trilling

Daniel Trilling

Editor & Journalist

New Humanist

KTLS18 - Speaker - Dario Azzelini

Dario Azzelini

Research Fellow

Cornell University

KTLS18 - Speaker - David Edgerton

David Edgerton


King's College London

KTLS18 - Speaker - David Nelken

David Nelken

Professor of Law

The Dickson Poon School of Law, King's College London

KTLS18 - Speaker - David Westbrook

David Westbrook

Del Cotto Professor

University at Buffalo School of Law

KTLS18 - Speaker - Debbie Ariyo OBE

Debbie Ariyo OBE

Founder & CEO

Africans Unite against Child Abuse

KTLS18 - Speaker - Dexter Dias QC

Dexter Dias QC


Garden Court Chambers

KTLS18 - Speaker - Dimitrios Bouras

Dimitrios Bouras

Journalist & Anthropologist

KTLS18 - Speaker - Dipika Jain

Dipika Jain

Associate Professor

O.P Jindal Global Law School

KTLS18 - Speaker - Djamila Ribeiro

Djamila Ribeiro

Human Rights Activist

KTLS18 - Speaker - Donatella Alessandrini

Donatella Alessandrini

Professor of Law

University of Kent

KTLS18 - Speaker - Dorothy Grace Guerrero

Dorothy Grace Guerrero

Head of Policy & Advocacy

Global Justice Now

KTLS18 - Speaker - Eduardo J. Gómez

Eduardo J. Gómez

Senior Lecturer in International Development & Emerging Economies

King's College London

KTLS18 - Speaker - Elly Schlein

Elly Schlein


Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists & Democrats, European Parliament

KTLS18 - Speaker - Emily Barritt

Emily Barritt

Lecturer in Tort Law

King's College London

KTLS18 - Speaker - Engin Isin

Engin Isin

Professor in International Politics

Queen Mary University of London

KTLS18 - Speaker - Engin Onder

Engin Onder

Managing Partner


KTLS18 - Speaker - Eric King

Eric King

Independent Consultant; Visiting Professor

Queen Mary University of London

KTLS18 - Speaker - Eric Talley

Eric Talley

Isidor & Seville Sulzbacher Professor of Law

Columbia Law School

KTLS18 - Speaker - Ewan McGaughey

Ewan McGaughey

Lecturer in Private Law

King's College London School of Law

KTLS18 - Speaker - Farnush Ghadery

Farnush Ghadery

PhD Candidate & Visiting Lecturer

King's College London

KTLS18 - Speaker - Fay Koutzoukou

Fay Koutzoukou

Program Coordinator

Solidarity Now

KTLS18 - Speaker - Fiona Haines

Fiona Haines

Professor of Criminology

University of Melbourne

KTLS18 - Speaker - Francis F. L. Lee

Francis F. L. Lee

Director & Professor

Chinese University of Hong Kong

KTLS18 - Speaker - Fritjof Capra

Fritjof Capra

Founding Director

Center for Ecoliteracy

KTLS18 - Speaker - Gautam Bhan

Gautam Bhan

Lead, Academics & Research

Indian Institute for Human Settlements

KTLS18 - Speaker - Gavin Sullivan

Gavin Sullivan

Lecturer in Law

University of Kent

KTLS18 - Speaker - Genevieve LeBaron

Genevieve LeBaron

Senior Lecturer

University of Sheffield

KTLS18 - Speaker - Gillian Douglas

Gillian Douglas

Executive Dean

The Dickson Poon School of Law

KTLS18 - Speaker - Glynn Rankin

Glynn Rankin


Rankin Associates

KTLS18 - Speaker - Graham Morgan

Graham Morgan

Engagement & Participation Officer (Lived Experience)

Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland

KTLS18 - Speaker - Günter Frankenberg

Günter Frankenberg


Goethe-Universität Frankfurt 

KTLS18 - Speaker - Guy Standing

Guy Standing

Professorial Research Associate

SOAS, University of London

KTLS18 - Speaker - Harry Arthurs

Harry Arthurs

President Emeritus

York University

KTLS18 - Speaker - Hasina Khan

Hasina Khan

Women's Rights Activist & Founding Member

Bebaak Collective

KTLS18 - Speaker - Hassoum Ceesay

Hassoum Ceesay

Historian & Literary Critic

National Centre for Arts & Culture, Gambia

KTLS18 - Speaker - Heinz Klug

Heinz Klug

Professor of Law

University of Wisconsin

KTLS18 - Speaker - Helen Adams

Helen Adams

Lecturer in Disaster Risk Reduction & Climate Change Adaptation

King's College London

KTLS18 - Speaker - Helen Hughes

Helen Hughes

Senior Lecturer in Film Studies

University of Surrey

KTLS18 - Speaker - Horia Mosadiq

Horia Mosadiq


Amnesty International

KTLS18 - Speaker - Irene de Vos

Irene de Vos

General Counsel

Socio-Economic Rights Institute of South Africa

KTLS18 - Speaker - Isabel Feichtner

Isabel Feichtner


University of Würzburg

KTLS18 - Speaker - James Kofi Annan

James Kofi Annan


Challenging Heights

KTLS18 - Speaker - Jannie Staffansson

Jannie Staffansson

Political Advisor

Saami Council

KTLS18 - Speaker - Jayshree Satpute

Jayshree Satpute

Human Rights Lawyer & Co-Founder


KTLS18 - Speaker - Jean-Michel Glachant

Jean-Michel Glachant


Florence School of Regulation

KTLS18 - Speaker - Jill Freidberg

Jill Freidberg


Corrugated Films

KTLS18 - Speaker - JJ Bola

JJ Bola

Writer, Poet, Educator

'No Place to Call Home'

KTLS18 - Speaker - Joanna Erdman

Joanna Erdman

MacBain Chair in Health Law & Policy

Dalhousie University

KTLS18 - Speaker - Joanne Etherton

Joanne Etherton

Pensions Lawyer


KTLS18 - Speaker - Joel Bakan

Joel Bakan

Professor of Law

University of British Columbia

KTLS18 - Speaker - John Christensen

John Christensen


Tax Justice Network

KTLS18 - Speaker - Julia Dehm

Julia Dehm


La Trobe University School of Law

KTLS18 - Speaker - Justine Nolan

Justine Nolan

Associate Professor & Associate Dean

University of New South Wales, Sydney

KTLS18 - Speaker - Karen Glaser

Karen Glaser


King's College London

KTLS18 - Speaker - Karen McCarthy Woolf

Karen McCarthy Woolf


Karen McCarthy Woolf

KTLS18 - Speaker - Karl Widerquist

Karl Widerquist

Associate Professor

Georgetown University-Qatar

KTLS18 - Speaker - Kate Maclean

Kate Maclean

Senior Lecturer

Birkbeck, University of London

KTLS18 - Speaker - Kate Sutherland

Kate Sutherland

Associate Professor

Osgoode Hall School of Law, University of York

KTLS18 - Speaker - Katharine Jones

Katharine Jones

Senior Research Fellow

Centre for Trust, Peace & Social Relations, Coventry University

KTLS18 - Speaker - Katherine Stone

Katherine Stone

Arjay & Frances Fearing Miller Distinguished Professor of Law

University of California, Los Angeles

KTLS18 - Speaker - Kathleen Lahey

Kathleen Lahey

Professor & Queen's National Scholar

Queen's University, Ontario

KTLS18 - Speaker - Katrin Meyer

Katrin Meyer

Senior Lecturer

University of Basel

KTLS18 - Speaker - Kelseny Medeiros-Pinho

Kelseny Medeiros-Pinho

Public Interest Lawyer

Gaspa Garcia Human Rights Centre

KTLS18 - Speaker - Kevin Banks

Kevin Banks

Associate Professor

Queen's University, Ontario

KTLS18 - Speaker - Kevin Hyland OBE

Kevin Hyland OBE

Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner

KTLS18 - Speaker - Konstantinos Provias

Konstantinos Provias

Hellenic Coast Guard

Hellenic Coast Guard

KTLS18 - Speaker - Kooj Chuhan

Kooj Chuhan


Virtual Migrants Project

KTLS18 - Speaker - Larry Lohmann

Larry Lohmann


The Corner House

KTLS18 - Speaker - Lavanya Rajamani

Lavanya Rajamani


Centre for Policy Research, New Delhi

KTLS18 - Speaker - Lesley Sherratt

Lesley Sherratt


King's College London

KTLS18 - Speaker - Leslie-Anne Duvic-Paoli

Leslie-Anne Duvic-Paoli


King's College London

KTLS18 - Speaker - Liliane Mouan

Liliane Mouan

Senior Research Fellow

King's College London

KTLS18 - Speaker - Lisa McKenzie

Lisa McKenzie

Lecturer in Sociological Practice

Middlesex University and Inequalities Institute LSE

KTLS18 - Speaker - Liz Campbell

Liz Campbell

Professor of Criminal Law

Durham University

KTLS18 - Speaker - Lorenzo Cotula

Lorenzo Cotula

Principal Researcher

International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED)

KTLS18 - Speaker - Louise Haagh

Louise Haagh

Reader, Politics

University of York

KTLS18 - Speaker - Malcolm Harper

Malcolm Harper

Emeritus Professor

Cranfield School of Management

KTLS18 - Speaker - Malika Booker

Malika Booker

Poet & Writer


KTLS18 - Speaker - Manuel Wörsdörfer

Manuel Wörsdörfer


Texas Tech University

KTLS18 - Speaker - Mark Barenberg

Mark Barenberg

Isidor and Seville Sulzbacher Professor of Law

Columbia University

KTLS18 - Speaker - Mark Gibney

Mark Gibney

Professor of Political Science

University of North Carolina Asheville

KTLS18 - Speaker - Marta Llonch

Marta Llonch

Research Assistant

King's College London

KTLS18 - Speaker - Martin Baldwin-Edwards

Martin Baldwin-Edwards

Senior Fellow

Stockholm International Peace Research Institute

KTLS18 - Speaker - Mary Footer

Mary Footer

Professor of International Economic Law

University of Nottingham

KTLS18 - Speaker - Mary Mellor

Mary Mellor

Emeritus Professor

Northumbria University

KTLS18 - Speaker - Max Haiven

Max Haiven

Canada Research Chair in Culture, Media & Social Justice

Lakehead University

KTLS18 - Speaker - Maxine Beneba Clarke

Maxine Beneba Clarke

Independent Writer

'The Hate Race' & 'Foreign Soil'

KTLS18 - Speaker - Maxine Burkett

Maxine Burkett

Professor of Law

William S. Richardson School of Law

KTLS18 - Speaker - Megan Bowman

Megan Bowman

Co-founder & Head

Climate Law & Governance Hub, King's College London

KTLS18 - Speaker - Meike Ziervogel

Meike Ziervogel

Publisher and Author

Peirene Press

KTLS18 - Speaker - Melba Kurman

Melba Kurman


Triple Helix Innovation

KTLS18 - Speaker - Michael Bach

Michael Bach

Managing Director

Institute for Research & Development on Inclusion & Society (IRIS)

KTLS18 - Speaker - Milly Freire-Archer
KTLS18 - Speaker - Miriam Schader

Miriam Schader

Senior Research Fellow

Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious & Ethnic Diversity

KTLS18 - Speaker - Miriam Schader

Miriam Schader

Senior Research Fellow

Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious & Ethnic Diversity

KTLS18 - Speaker - Mohammad Qais Hatefi

Mohammad Qais Hatefi


Europa-Universität Flensburg

KTLS18 - Speaker - Monica Massari

Monica Massari

Associate Professor

University of Naples Federico II

KTLS18 - Speaker - Müge Gürsoy Sökmen

Müge Gürsoy Sökmen

Co-founder, Commissioning Editor

Metis Publishers

KTLS18 - Speaker - Muhammad Azeem

Muhammad Azeem

Assistant Professor

Lahore University of Management Sciences

KTLS18 - Speaker - Nadine El-Enany

Nadine El-Enany

Senior Lecturer

Birkbeck School of Law

KTLS18 - Speaker - Nandita Sharma

Nandita Sharma

Associate Professor

University of Hawaii at Manoa

KTLS18 - Speaker - Navneet Grewal

Navneet Grewal

Senior Attorney

Western Centre on Law & Poverty (WCLP)

KTLS18 - Speaker - Neil Gunningham

Neil Gunningham


School of Regulation and Global Governance, Australian National University & RegNet

KTLS18 - Speaker - Nick Flynn

Nick Flynn

Legal Director


KTLS18 - Speaker - Nick Robins

Nick Robins


United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Inquiry into the Design of a Sustainable Financial System

KTLS18 - Speaker - Nicolás Marcelo Perrone

Nicolás Marcelo Perrone

Assistant Professor of International Law

University of Durham

KTLS18 - Speaker - Nikesh Shukla

Nikesh Shukla


'The Good Immigrant'

KTLS18 - Speaker - Niklas Schenck

Niklas Schenck

Independent Filmmaker & Journalist

Brot + Zwiebel Productions

KTLS18 - Speaker - Noah Goodall

Noah Goodall

Research Scientist

Virginia Transportation Research Council

KTLS18 - Speaker - Octavio  Ferraz

Octavio Ferraz


King's College London

KTLS18 - Speaker - Olumide Popoola

Olumide Popoola

Writer & Author


KTLS18 - Speaker - Omar Al-Ghazzi

Omar Al-Ghazzi

Assistant Professor

London School of Economics

KTLS18 - Speaker - Omnia Khalil

Omnia Khalil

Teaching Fellow & Doctoral Candidate

City University of New York (CUNY)

KTLS18 - Speaker - Peer Zumbansen

Peer Zumbansen

Professor of Transnational Law & Director

The Dickson Poon Transnational Law Institute

KTLS18 - Speaker - Penelope Andrews

Penelope Andrews

Dean & Professor

University of Cape Town

KTLS18 - Speaker - Penelope Kyritsis

Penelope Kyritsis

Assistant Managing Editor


KTLS18 - Speaker - Peter Vajda

Peter Vajda

Senior Environmental Expert

Energy Community

KTLS18 - Speaker - Philip Brey

Philip Brey

Professor in Ethics of Technology

University of Twente

KTLS18 - Speaker - Philip Mader

Philip Mader

Research Fellow

Institute of Development Studies

KTLS18 - Speaker - Phillip Paiement

Phillip Paiement

Assistant Professor

Tilburg Law School

KTLS18 - Speaker - Priya Gupta

Priya Gupta

Visiting Professor of Law

King's College London

KTLS18 - Speaker - Quhramaana Kakar

Quhramaana Kakar

Founding Director

Women for Peace & Participation

KTLS18 - Speaker - Rafaela Pascoal

Rafaela Pascoal


University of Palermo

KTLS18 - Speaker - Robby Berloznik

Robby Berloznik

Project Director G-STIC & member UNFCCC Technology Executive Committee (TEC)

Flemish Institute for Technological Research

KTLS18 - Speaker - Robert Hockett

Robert Hockett

Edward Cornell Professor of Law

Cornell University

KTLS18 - Speaker - Robert Lechler

Robert Lechler

Senior Vice President

King's College London

KTLS18 - Speaker - Robert McLeman

Robert McLeman

Associate Professor, Geography & Environmental Studies

Wilfrid Laurier University

KTLS18 - Speaker - Robin Bronen

Robin Bronen

Executive Director

Alaska Institute for Justice

KTLS18 - Speaker - Rodrigo Uprimny Yepes

Rodrigo Uprimny Yepes


Center for the Study of Law, Justice & Society

KTLS18 - Speaker - Roger Brownsword

Roger Brownsword

Professor of Law

King's College London

KTLS18 - Speaker - Ronja von Wurmb-Seibel

Ronja von Wurmb-Seibel

Filmmaker & Author

Brot + Zwiebel Productions

KTLS18 - Speaker - Rose-Liza Eisma Osorio

Rose-Liza Eisma Osorio


University of Cebu

KTLS18 - Speaker - Rukmini Sen

Rukmini Sen

Associate Professor

Ambedkar University, Delhi

KTLS18 - Speaker - Ryan Abbott

Ryan Abbott

Professor of Law & Health Sciences

University of Surrey